Project Status

Wolley® is an ongoing project of creating a vacuum robot that can easily be 3D-printed and assembled at home. Currently there are 4 modules ready and some more are under development. All the essential modules for a working vacuum robot is estimated to be finished this autumn.

Have a look at the photos or browse the source on GitHub.

Available Modules

Wolley Interconnect

Wolley is built up by modules that are being connected to each other with a 5-wire cable used for both power and communication. They can easily be connected by daisy-chaining and connected in any order as long as the first and last module terminate the bus. The cable provides a CAN bus (2 wires) for communication, just like in most cars, and two voltages; a regulated 5 V and ~12 V direct from the battery.

Open Source

Wolley is open source, which means that all the documents and files needed for you to manufacture it yourself is accessible by anyone. It also enables you to further develop it into something else or something better. Don't want it to vacuum clean? Why not make it wipe floors instead?

Hello, I'm Jack Johansson, the creator of Wolley and I have been working with this project on my spare time for almost 5 years now. During those years the project has grown a lot and is now much bigger than first intended. However, the goals are still the same; to create a modular open-source vacuum robot that's easy to build, customize and repair.

Currently the only way to get a Wolley is to manufacture all the parts yourself, that includes to 3D-print the plastic parts, ordering and soldering the circuit boards, and ordering the needed components. In the future I would like to be able to manufacture and sell all the needed parts for those who just wants to assemble a Wolley as a kit.